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Delaware Beach House

This project was an exciting collaboration between the client and his family who wanted a second vacation home in Fenwick Island, DE. The intent of this home was to provide a gathering place for their 2 daughters with their families and grandchildren.  The family insisted on ideal views to the ocean facing east and south.

The initial sketches for this project reveal the concept that the home would be 3 sections that telescope into each other to widen as the home stretched towards the ocean. Mirrored exterior windows give the impression that the homes walls are sliding past each other on the outside. The top 4th floor was dedicated to a Master Suite and the 3rd floor was given to the main living areas of Kitchen, Dining, Great Room and bar. Being that this client worked for a nationally known brewery and distributor, the bar was an important feature of this home.

The location along a dune required a series of piers to support the home above the flood plain and the lower level was constructed with “break away walls” that could intentionally wash out in a storm. This house has since successfully withstood many storms and hurricanes. Now valued far above the original cost of construction, the unique and thoughtful design of this modern home sets it apart from its neighbors making it a highly desired and valuable property.


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