Greetings!  My name is Sarah,  I’m an Architect, and I made the brave leap to found my own firm called Studio360 LLC. I am a “residential specialist” which means not only am I the master of my own domain (literally and digitally) but I help others  achieve their dreams in their home as well.  I’ve worked on large and small scale projects for firms ranging in size from 2 to 200. Now I have the challenge of being my own boss while cultivating an amazing team of designers to work with me. Since I sincerely love the direct connection and relationship I have with my clients, residential architecture is where I have passionately  given my all. In addition to my on going practice of architecture, I keep busy as a mom, bibliophile,  and self professed chocoholic. I tend to be serious, but with a little sassy on the side. Hope you enjoy my musings and feel free to leave a comment. Ciao!