How do you know if you need to hire an architect? While some in my profession might think I’m crazy for saying this, not every residential project needs, (or warrants) one. How can you know? Here are some things to consider when starting a residential renovation.

  1. Architects See the Big Picture – We can help refine what is it you really need along with what you want. Our job is to present options to consider so you can get the most out of your project.  Hiring an architect is more then someone just building 4 walls and a roof. We aim to create excellent environments, exciting places to live and calming place to retreat.
  2. Architects Solve Problems (in a way you might not think of) – Think you already have the answer? Know exactly how you want your space to look? Then you are better off just hiring a contractor directly. Architects bring a valuable eye to the table, one that can see your space fresh and in a way you might not have even considered.
  3. Architects Can Save you Money – Often people think they cant afford an architect to design their addition or renovation, but our services are a wise investment that can save a significant portion of the construction cost. We should design efficiently, and beautifully, which increases your property value. We make drawings that should permit quickly, and work collaboratively with builders to reduce costs. We can suggest things to decrease energy needs and oversee the construction process to avoid pitfalls or mistakes that cost homeowners money in change orders.
  4. Architects Can (and should) Make Your Life Easier – A construction project can be a stressful, long process that most people are unprepared for. It can be messy, disruptive, and confusing. Your architect can ease the overwhelming amount of decisions requires on every job and advocate for you when needed. We help find reputable contractors and protect owners from work not according to the design.

Let me know your thoughts or questions on when you think an architect may or may not be needed on a project!